Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Busy Times at Atom Pancakes Studio

Lately, At Atom Pancakes I have been with my fingers in many pies, as we trying to finalise production and set everything to render. As I said I have mentioned in charge of some more scenes to animate, painting the background matte paintings and testing dynamics such as smoke and fire.


Butler Scene

Firstly, I tweaked the butler scene on the laughing jumps, I have made them just so they are more subtle and are a movement around the chest area rather than the pelvis.

On this scene, I just have to animate the props, such as the tray, the ice cube and the drink mesh. Apart from that, it is ready for rendering.

I am also animating other scenes, at the moment they are at the blocking out stages. but they will be finished as soon as possible.

Prepare Scene

Progress 1

Progress 2

Also I have blocked the investigation scene, but it is not uploaded yet. 

Test Dynamics

I have been playing around with dynamics, in order to get a smoke effect for the burning paper. after fiddling around I came to something that seems to be the right track. further tweaks will be on the particle size, colour, turbulence and conserve attributes.

Matte Paintings

As I said I have been working on the matte paintings for the interior and exterior environment. I have tried to conserve the painterly style.

Outside Matte Painting

Interior Night Matte Painting

Interior Day Matte Painting

Note that this not Moon or Sun on the Matte Paintings, it is because I have created them separately, in which I will render and animate in AE. 

It is all for now, more updates coming soon... Stay Tuned

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Cigarette Smoke Dynamic Test

Lately, I have been also testing some effects for our animation, after following a tutorial, i was able to play around and create cigarette smoke. Here is the test:

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Animation at Atom Pancakes II

So animation continues at Atom Pancakes, I decided to carry on tweaking the Butler Scene, and I have to say it is almost ready for rendering, It still needs some secondary animation.

Butler Reveal Scene Animation Progress 8 (Close-up)

Butler Reveal Scene Animation Progress 8

I have also began blocking the Investigation Scene, and I will post a playblast soon.

On a side note, I am also in charge of getting the dream sequence environment ready for rendering, so today I took some time to to set it up with lighting and also playing around with the background.

We opted to go for a simpler set up where we will have the character fully lit, and the body, laying on the floor under the spotlight.  
For the space not look so empty, we will add a few effects, in this case some particle travelling between the character and the black space. they will be the pattern of the room.

Just like shown on this render.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Animation at Atom Pancakes I

So Animation begins!! and how exciting it is! At Atom Pancakes I was assigned to animate a few scenes for the following weeks, i will be blocking, animating and tweaking them.

Reveal Butler Animation (Progress 1)

Reveal Butler Animation (Progress 2)

Reveal Butler Animation (Progress 3)

Reveal Butler Animation (Progress 4)

Reveal Butler Animation (Progress 5)

Still a bit to tweak

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Dream Sequence Light Tests

With animation already starting and some minor tweaks to do in either the rig or the environment, I had some time to explore lighting,therefore I have began doing some light tests on the dream environment. this environment is still in choosing stages.
Firstly, we were thinking of having a total blank space, then adding the environment with a spotlight focusing on the character, and also we thought of having the environment, but with no textures in it.

Here are some light tests I have done with the main different ideas:


 Render With Default Light Set up

Render With Default Light Set up + Ambient Light 0.4

Render With Default Light Set up + Ambient Light (Range)

 Render With Default Light Set up + Ambient Light 0.5

Night Time With Spotlight

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Final Chapter is Coming Soon...

Follow our official blog for all the progress at:

Or our Facebook page or twitter at: (respectively)

More updates will land on here very soon! 

Keep Tuned!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Props texturing

Last week, after finishing to modelling and scale all the props, I began texturing. A task that me and Jordan were assigned to do, with many props to texture the list was split and the workload eased. To keep consistence on the texture work, we followed the art direction influence map and any previous texture work on the character.
So here is the props that`I was assigned to texture.


Butler Set

Chef Set

Maid's Dagger 

Cigarette and Match


Magnifying Glass

Pencil Sharpener


Pot Plant