Friday, 30 March 2012

Le Patissier- Animatic Ver.1 with footage

After a lot of delay, I have been able to work on the animatic, by taking Alan's advice of using footage from other animations and films onto mine to use as a choreography for my piece, I began editing scenes that I felt that i wanted to add into the animation. So with no further ado here is the 1st version of the animatic.

I have added a few notes for more information.


 Meanwhile I have been working on the initial sound effects that will be added on the beginning of the animation, before the character enters the cake/ abstract world.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Major Project: Olivier, the Patissier, Character Modelling IV

Hectic is the word to describe my life at the moment, juggling is still going between 3 parts of my life, which is great to gain experience. However, time is scarce and every time I have is to work on any respective work. However, regarding the university project as I was called again to work my commission I have decided to carry on and finish the character model which is pretty much done and just needs minor details such as hair and the hat. 

On my last tutorial with Alan, he also helped work on the animatic, something that I have been struggling with. being more of a choreography/ dancing project, He suggested me to use footage and then edit it onto the animatic, so I could relate the footage with any proposed shots, then I would only have to draw over the actions and substitute the footage with my boards. As soon as the character modelling is done, I will work on the animatic non-stop to resolve that part of the pipeline.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Major Project: Olivier, the Patissier, Character Modelling III

Here is a quick update, to let you know how the character model is evolving. I have finished the body, and any more details will be added in texturing. (however as I am writing I Just realised i have missed the buttons. they will be model quickly and added to the final model). Next stop head modelling. Also, I will take this weekend to return to the storyboard and create the animatic, up for feedback.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Major Project: Olivier, the Patissier, Character Modelling II

Lately, my life has been very hectic, juggling university work, my money job, and a newly acquired commission, therefore my lack of posts regarding university work. Although the little activity on here, the university work, has been going ( not as fast as I have wished) but it is going.
One of the great news, is that I have been commissioned to do a design project, unfortunately details can not be shared, it has been a good experience, that is allowing me to know new software, acquiring better design skills with a high standard of quality.

With this commission, something was revealed to me, that i would need to improve the access to my website featuring my work. So i decided to buy a domain for my website, and make the url link more user friendly.

so to visit my website you will only have to type:

With more university related work, I have decided while working on the commission to carry on modelling the character. 

so here is the progress: 

Legs and Feet


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Major Project: Olivier, the Patissier, Character Modelling Began!

Whilst working the storyboards, I began to feel unwell last week, therefore to keep at work as time is always your enemy i decided to work on the first bits of production. by starting to model the character, i opted for a less tiring task while feeling unwell.

So here is the character so far!

In this project, I want to step up in terms of modelling skills therefore while modelling this character have been extra mindful about topology and edge flows. 

Now that im feeling better I will move onto finishing the rest of the storyboard while working on the Olivier 3D model. 

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Zbrush Tutorial by Ryan Kinsglien

Recently, I have been wanting to learn zbrush more and more, therefore I bought Ryan Kingslien book, Realistic Game Characters, There he explains the character pipeline to create characters for game, emphasizing in sculpting in Zbrush.
Today, i have found 2 hours to get onto the fist tutorial, an intro to zbrush, showing different tools and brushes that will help me sculpt, while showing the tools, he helps create a human head.

The following human head was my first attempt in Zbrush of modelling by starting with a sphere.

Edit**: After looking back at the model I found some anatomy errors, I am aiming to do more of these to learn anatomy a lot faster. here is some of the errors i found 

Major Project: Le Patissier, Concept Art- The Wedding Cake

Fro the previous thumbnails, I decided to choose another and take it further into a finished concept art piece. Here is the wedding cake. from a more subjective view.

Also this time, i made development sheet, showing the progress from thumbnail to final piece.