Sunday, 27 May 2012

Major Project: Le Patissier Submission Post

Here is the submission I will present tomorrow as part of the hand-in for my Major Project.

The Animation edit- Le Patissier


The Art of Le Patissier

Showreel Element

The Promotional Stills


DVD Label

DVD Cover

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Major Project: Le Patissier, Update IX- Animation

Here is another update on this project, every aspect seems to be going fine ( aniamtion, rendering comping, etc.), however to time constraints the submitted copy wont be the last one, however you will be able to see what is happening from beginning to the end. As it will be a hybrid of final renders and playblasts showing the story. At a later stage I will tweak even further the animation and render the missing shots.

For now, I let you see what I have been working on.

First shots:

Cream Cover Screen Shot:

Synchronizing shot, face animation:

Doves Shot:

Cherry Shot:

Presenting shot:

Note all these videos are at a later stage of animation, it was after blocking, tweaking and more tweaking.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Major Project: Le Patissier, Update VIII- Bits and Bobs

I would like to update you quickly on how the project is looking at the moment, it has been a few hetic weeks where time has been scarce, therefore I have been doing my best to work on this project with all my passion and dedication.

A nothing better than a  quick test render of Olivier bouncing on his jolly walk cycle. hope you enjoy !!

On a side note, I have spoken to Alan, who helped me set up lighting for the most laborous scene in the whole animation, Le patisserie. I will show you a few shots of the light, however some of the texturing needs finishing.

Rendering is going ok, however I have been finding a few problems along the way, which seem rather weird, but everything is underway, slowly but surely. 

Friday, 18 May 2012

Major Project: Le Patissier, Update VII- Animation

Lately, I have been tweaking the previously blocked scenes, here I leave a mash-up of the scenes I have been working one, I am also in a position to say that rendering is taking place as i write this post, and hopefully this weekend I will be rendering the heavy scene with the patisserie shop.

Jumping scene - Tweaking

Walk-cycle - Tweaking

Commanding- Tweaking

Piping Bag- Tweaking

More to come very soon.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Major Project: Le Patissier, Update VI- Animation

Animation is the task I have been doing for the past week or so. Firstly, I decided to block every scene, so i could work from there and polish where needed. So following on the blocking of the scenes, here is:

Blocking: Performance Shot

Blocking: Cherry Shot

 Blocking: Last Shot 2

Cleaning : Walkcycle


Friday, 11 May 2012

Major Project: Le Patissier, Update V- Animation

So lately I have been blocking some scenes that will be tweaked next week and rendered at the same time.  For this project as the time is now scarce, i have opted for a new strategy which means I will block all the scenes, and then clean the keyframes and render, further aniamtion tweaks will be done after the project hand -in, like that i will have at least a animation to show and the only thing needed is work on the animation.

However, here is the progress I have done on the animation.


I completely forgot about posting the opening shot but the camera is now animated.

Jumping Scene

On this scene is only needed when he is already diving which will be a variation of the last pose going in the opposite direction in spiral.

Walk Cycle

I have been doing the walk cycle, and it has been a lot of fun.

Only the blocked poses!

this time around I have been using 'tweenMachine' a plugin script for maya to help with cushioning the poses, easing in and easing out, I think it will be crucial for next week when I do the tweaking.

Finally, and update for the turnaround, I have added the music from the animation on it.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Major Project: Le Patissier, Update IV

Here is a quick update to let you know how is the animation going.

But firstly I will show any other progress done.

the environment now just needs shaders in some of the objects, and then it is ready to render.

 and I have created the initial card for the animation intro. 
In terms of animation, I have animated the piping bag bouncing, and blocked Olivier's walk cycle, and I am just tweaking one of the scenes that is already blocked. videos as follow: 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Major Project: Le Patissier, Update III

This week I have had a very busy schedule, therefore I tried it to plan around my project. With that said I have a few things to show.
Firstly the character turnaround has been rendered, therefore that character can be showcased.

This rendering time was done while I wasnt available to do my project, so I wouldnt waste my time.

Secondly, The environment is getting the its completion, just a few props need to be added onto the main environment.


Lastly, I have already began animating, where first I have tweaked the piping bag rig so i can have better control and create a more fluid animation. An I the cherry is bouncing!

Next I will move onto animating the Piping bag bouncing and Olivier walking, cannot wait!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Major Project: Le Patissier, Update II

So I have moved onto getting the environment finished, and I can say most of the props are now modelled and shaded and ready to be added to the patisserie Environment, however first as animation begins I present you Olivier and his 2 companions, the cherry and the piping bag.

With the beginning of animation, I have also moved into getting some reference for the scenes I am about to animate. to save myself from any embarrassment i will not add the videos but I will add a sneak peek of some of the movements. 

 So with the rest of the environment I have to say that the props that will fit in there are all modeled and only need a bit of shading. Here are a few: 

 And as you can see the on the above shot with Olivier, the 2 companions which will be animated are rigged and ready to be animated. 

More progress will be posted and I move quickly onto animation. Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Major Project: Le Patissier, Update I

After the character, being fully rigged I can move onto animation, however a few other things are left to do before that big task ahead, namely the props and environment modelling, for this task I will be working alongside the animation stage, therefore both tasks move forward accordingly.

Firstly, after some advice from Senior 3D Artist at Recom Farmhouse Kristian, I have improved the textures of Olivier, so it has a bit of more detail on the face.

Moving forward I have also modeled a few more props and the environment, very soon I'm planning to get a light setup ready for the main environment, 'le patisserie.'