Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Major Project: Le Patissier, Update II

So I have moved onto getting the environment finished, and I can say most of the props are now modelled and shaded and ready to be added to the patisserie Environment, however first as animation begins I present you Olivier and his 2 companions, the cherry and the piping bag.

With the beginning of animation, I have also moved into getting some reference for the scenes I am about to animate. to save myself from any embarrassment i will not add the videos but I will add a sneak peek of some of the movements. 

 So with the rest of the environment I have to say that the props that will fit in there are all modeled and only need a bit of shading. Here are a few: 

 And as you can see the on the above shot with Olivier, the 2 companions which will be animated are rigged and ready to be animated. 

More progress will be posted and I move quickly onto animation. Stay Tuned!

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