Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Robot Pirates Modelling III

Another update:

I finished to block out the head, the main metal parts such as the skull, the jaw, the eyes, etc are all finished. However it is still needed some organic sculpting on the bandana, which will be done in Zbrush. Even though is cloth i decided to not use ncloth on the top of the bandana, however the last bits (after the knot) will have cloth simulation so it will resemble a real cloth piece behave as such.

Now onto adding the hard surface details on the body. And then export all to Zbrush :)

Stay tuned!!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Robot Pirates Modelling II

Ok here is the progress i have been doing on the head of the Robot Pirate Hero.

I have added some details such eye brows, the pupils the hair and others, also I have fixed the skull. Now what is left is the bandana and the neck. everything is getting into shape.

As the character designer and modeller, I really want to stick with the design and transfer it from 2d to 3D. However, some decisions have to be taken if I see that the design is not working.

Now back to some rigging!

More to come!! Enjoy! 

Friday, 24 June 2011

Robot Pirates Modelling

After spending a couple of weeks trying to forge my skills, in the worlds of zbrush and rigging and getting my new website up and running, I decided to get on full gear with my Robot Pirates Modelling. grabbing where I left it, I have made the body base mesh for the Hero Robot Pirate. 

I began to model the head and so far it is blocked out and I have added the eyes and model shapes. following a good topology is very important (clean and tidy), as I may be able to take this characters a step further and animate them with time. 

More progress will be uploaded soon! 

Sunday, 19 June 2011

My New Professional Website

For a couple of weeks I have been working a new showcase website, where I would present my work in a professional manner. It is finally finished and will be updated with future projects in which I am confident to include in my portfolio.

you can take a look on


and a new facebook page, where work will be updated often, so take a look and drop a Like.


And please enjoy!


The sidebar button now is working, it will link you to the new showcase website.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Anatomy Sketches *2

This space has been quiet lately, as I have tried to be a bit away of the overwhelming power of the blogosphere and concentrating on learning and broad my knowledge on different subjects, as part of my summer plan. 

For now, I am just uploading a few anatomy sketches I have done lately. 

Please, Enjoy!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Maya Tutorials: Intro to Match Moving

Here is two weeks of tutorials where we were introduced to match moving, one of the fields in the industry that has been developed a lot recently. Although, not what I really want to follow this tutorials were helpful to understand and even visualise the world.from a simple 2d footage to a 3D environment.

However, I had a few problems with this tutorials because the auto tracking feature in Match-mover, was giving some really weird results. however after a few tries I was able to fix it, I dont know how.

the second problem was rendering the car tutorial, I don't know why but it didn't render any more than 10 frames. even though i changed the settings they would go back to 10 frames. with more time I will finish the other 2 tutorials and try to rerender the toy car one.

Match Moving- Auto tracking

Match Moving- Masked Auto Tracking

Maya Tutorials: High Resolution Head- Model Thus far

here is what I have of the model. with the main features on the face done I have to get the ear and then move onto the body. I am aiming to finish this tutorial as soon as possible. as it will help me in a long run to get my own personal models right.

I can see i fell behind with this unit's tutorials, mainly because I didnt have a good internet connection where I could download the videos. with that said, Im aiming to catch up with the body and the Match moving tutorials.