Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Film: Destino, 2003, Salvador Dali and Walt Disney

When watching one of my favourite programs on BBC IPlayer, called Modern Masters, I encountered something that I was not familiar with.
For many who don't know, Modern Masters is a series of documentaries researching the life of 4 famous Modern Artists, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, proving why they were so revolutionary in Art history of the beginning of the 20th century. When watching the documentary of the latter artist, it was presented among many revelations unknown to me to date, that Dali in cooperation with a really famous animator Walt Disney had a project to create a short animation.

This animation is called "Destino", as mentioned before it was a collaboration between 2 great artists Dali and Disney in 1945, however, just recently the nephew of Walt Disney, Roy Disney, found the project in the Disney Studio archives, and in 2003 it was finally released.

This short animation lasting no longer than 6 minutes, is a perfect representation of Dali's world with a different medium. In the documentary, it was mentioned that Dali thought of animation as a perfect platform to represent most of the surreal ideas.
And it is perfectly shown here.
"Destino", in english Destiny, demonstrate landscapes, characters and a narrative associated clearly to Dali's paintings exploring the unconscious, provoking the most unreal yet bizarre the situations.
The animation technique used the most, was of the morphing the characters and environments, playing up with our perception.
Also, the idea of sensuality, is clearly visible, between the female character and the male character, which from their movement to the morphing of bodies, emphasizes the carnal satisfaction between them.
These factors only show a outstanding achievement in Art direction.
Surely a small pearl lost in time inside the realms of the Disney World, fortunately found to delight audiences and spread Dali's mind worldwide.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

UCA Graduation Show

Last Thursday, I visited the UCA Gradutation show where all students from the University Courses had the chance to show their most realised work. Overall, it was a really enjoyable visit, always good to see some really good Art and Design.
Being interested to see the other courses, I found some really amazing and professional works, for example in model making, the quality of most of the works was delight to watch, from a gigantic Dinossaur head ( something out of Jurassic Park), to fully resolved building models ( with a professional look).
In the next category, was Applied Arts, with really good designs, and pieces, I do remember a contemporary look magazine coffee table and a sort of bench, pieces that I wouldn't ind to have at home :).
The next course was Silversmithing, Goldsmithing and Jewelry, although not being, one of my favourite subjects, I really enjoyed some of the designs, from Dish Plates (where I could possibly eat my portuguese sardines :) I miss them :( ) to really well designed necklaces.
The photography section was also inspiring with some good concepts, for example pictures of interios of human bodies, creating beautiful abstract pictures.
Finally, The Cg Arts Course exhibition was amazing, although I was familiar with most of the films already, it was an amazing experience to watch it in the lecture theater screen.
All the animations were amazing, however I can say the ones which stroke me the most were, "KiroBlade", by Jon Stewart and Pol Winandy, "The Medusa" by Jon Stewart, "The Sound of Thunder" by James Garner, with a delightful exploration of different environments, creating a metaphor between them. David O'Keeffe's "Timothy Winters" and " An Audience With", with a really good art direction, specially the latter where the 2D effect is added to the 3D. Also, Liam Scarlino's the History of Art in the early 20th century, witch outstanding effects, giving a clear explanation of the movements in a matter of seconds. Finally some of the gags used, in Daniel Sperrin's 'A Day in the Life of Death' were really entertaining provoking laughs in the auditorium.

Overall, a good afternoon, inside an University, with a lot of young talents ready to shine out there in the professional world.

P.s: Thanks Jack, for the Beer :)

Friday, 18 June 2010

I'm Back and... what a trip!!

I just arrived for my week wild camping trip, into the heart of west Scotland, more specifically by the shores of Loch Lomond, I have to advise everybody to go there it is just unbelievable, for people who don't know, is where William Wallace and Rob Roy lived and practiced justice, and therefore became Heroes of the Scottish Culture. Loch Lomond is the largest concentration of water in the UK, and the lake landscape is completed by the huge mountains around it.
In my journey, I did so many different things, that is hard do describe.
From doing some wild camping connecting to nature fully, making fires sleeping by the shores etc., climbing the high peaks of the mountain Ben Lomond, walking up to 20 miles a day on the West Highland trail, being bitten by millions of mosquitos, drinking fresh water from the falls, and being interrupted by goats on my journey's are things you cant really describe you have to live them.
Although I already loved Scottish culture, these hidden treasures are something worth visiting more than one time, So hopefully I'll be back there one day.

Monday, 7 June 2010

What Happens Next!

The first year is past and the well deserved holidays arrived, but in fact, is no time to relax, at least , in the realms of Rubyland :) ( nickname created by me). I can this summer it will be a little bit erratic for me, from camping for a few days, travelling around Europe for a month, to moving out from where I live, and find a new job.

I have a small list to things to self-teach myself, or simply upgrade, after a so deserved week, with no sight of any Maya world, im ready to come back into world of digital art.

The List:


I'm planning to read a lot of books either when i'm still in Rochester or even when abroad.
The books, I want to read expand different ares of digital art and film.

Mastering Maya 2009 by Eric Keller

Concept Art:
Bold Visions: The Digital Painting Bible by Gary Tonge
d'artiste: Concept Art
All the issues I have from Imagine Fx for some helpful tips :)

Directing Shot by Shot by Steven Katz

Other Books:

For some self-teaching on how to confront life, I will be also reading
No Death, No Fear by Thich Nhat Hanh

Alongside this reading list I will be applying what I learn to the summer project- 1 becomes 2 , where the brief will be uploaded soon.

To upgrade my visual identity, I will be sorting out this blog, changing the layout, creating a new logo, arrange the gallery to publish my work, and upgrade the banner also. Also I will create a online portfolio where people will be able to browse all my work in a more sophisticated gallery. Finally, when everything is sorted in terms of visual identity, I may contact some companies for some work experience.

I will drawing and drawing, so it will help put to paper all my thoughts in a quick way :)

As I said a quite busy summer but I cant wait to actually do it.
hopefully in the end will be a enjoyable and worthwhile ride. :)

Unit 6 - Feedback!

After receiving my marks of this project, I can say, I think they are more than fair, im disappointed not with the marks but actually with myself for not being able to achieve more, or at least what I should. However, the feedback was really helpful, highlighting the importance of understanding filmic language and editing, in reply I can say I will self teach myself with this knowledge, taking information from the book- Film Directing Shot by Shot. Also next time, I think simpler and less is always more, although i tried to achieve the epic feel, in the end it turned out to be erratic and too much. Finally, yes Phil, im enjoying a lot the course, but i get a bit stressed out when things dont go as you plan them, but on the good side, it is better to learn sooner than later. take these small mistakes and dont do them again. :)

I guess i have been relaxing for this week so from now on can start to actually self teach and do the next summer project. it will be a busy summer though.

In the end, I had a 69 :)

P.S:Phil, I wasnt sure of your email, but i got the marks on mine. :)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Maya Tutorials:Non- Linear Deformers

the use of this deformers to animate, I can say they got really handy when doing my animation, specially the bend one, It is good to see we can animate solid objects so easily.

Maya Tutorials: Skinning Arm- Painting Weights

Here is the tutorial, where we used the painting weights tool to skin the arm, I shall say that this method is much more appealing and easier to use.