Monday, 7 June 2010

Unit 6 - Feedback!

After receiving my marks of this project, I can say, I think they are more than fair, im disappointed not with the marks but actually with myself for not being able to achieve more, or at least what I should. However, the feedback was really helpful, highlighting the importance of understanding filmic language and editing, in reply I can say I will self teach myself with this knowledge, taking information from the book- Film Directing Shot by Shot. Also next time, I think simpler and less is always more, although i tried to achieve the epic feel, in the end it turned out to be erratic and too much. Finally, yes Phil, im enjoying a lot the course, but i get a bit stressed out when things dont go as you plan them, but on the good side, it is better to learn sooner than later. take these small mistakes and dont do them again. :)

I guess i have been relaxing for this week so from now on can start to actually self teach and do the next summer project. it will be a busy summer though.

In the end, I had a 69 :)

P.S:Phil, I wasnt sure of your email, but i got the marks on mine. :)


tutorphil said...

Hey Rubes,

Less is more - indeed; and I think, despite your smiles and air of confidence, I suspect you suffer from 'performance anxiety' - in other words, people's expectations of you can work against you, because they create a pressure in you; it's an issue of confidence and knowing clearly what you want to accomplish. Still 69 is not bloody bad, is it? :-) Enjoy your hols and try to learn 'gently'...

tutorphil said...

Hey Rubes - I've got a favour to ask: can you drop me line at

Ruben Alexandre said...

thanks phil, yes I do think i suffer from that.