Monday, 7 June 2010

What Happens Next!

The first year is past and the well deserved holidays arrived, but in fact, is no time to relax, at least , in the realms of Rubyland :) ( nickname created by me). I can this summer it will be a little bit erratic for me, from camping for a few days, travelling around Europe for a month, to moving out from where I live, and find a new job.

I have a small list to things to self-teach myself, or simply upgrade, after a so deserved week, with no sight of any Maya world, im ready to come back into world of digital art.

The List:


I'm planning to read a lot of books either when i'm still in Rochester or even when abroad.
The books, I want to read expand different ares of digital art and film.

Mastering Maya 2009 by Eric Keller

Concept Art:
Bold Visions: The Digital Painting Bible by Gary Tonge
d'artiste: Concept Art
All the issues I have from Imagine Fx for some helpful tips :)

Directing Shot by Shot by Steven Katz

Other Books:

For some self-teaching on how to confront life, I will be also reading
No Death, No Fear by Thich Nhat Hanh

Alongside this reading list I will be applying what I learn to the summer project- 1 becomes 2 , where the brief will be uploaded soon.

To upgrade my visual identity, I will be sorting out this blog, changing the layout, creating a new logo, arrange the gallery to publish my work, and upgrade the banner also. Also I will create a online portfolio where people will be able to browse all my work in a more sophisticated gallery. Finally, when everything is sorted in terms of visual identity, I may contact some companies for some work experience.

I will drawing and drawing, so it will help put to paper all my thoughts in a quick way :)

As I said a quite busy summer but I cant wait to actually do it.
hopefully in the end will be a enjoyable and worthwhile ride. :)


Lev said...

Camping sounds like a good way to spend the holidays (or part of it). Have fun duering your travles. It still hasn't sunk in yet that we don't have to go into uni untill September

Ruben Alexandre said...

i know, it feels a bit weird.. thanks charlotte, and have nice holidays!!

Lev said...

Was also going to say that it is also good weather for camping to. And thanks ou to :)