Friday, 18 June 2010

I'm Back and... what a trip!!

I just arrived for my week wild camping trip, into the heart of west Scotland, more specifically by the shores of Loch Lomond, I have to advise everybody to go there it is just unbelievable, for people who don't know, is where William Wallace and Rob Roy lived and practiced justice, and therefore became Heroes of the Scottish Culture. Loch Lomond is the largest concentration of water in the UK, and the lake landscape is completed by the huge mountains around it.
In my journey, I did so many different things, that is hard do describe.
From doing some wild camping connecting to nature fully, making fires sleeping by the shores etc., climbing the high peaks of the mountain Ben Lomond, walking up to 20 miles a day on the West Highland trail, being bitten by millions of mosquitos, drinking fresh water from the falls, and being interrupted by goats on my journey's are things you cant really describe you have to live them.
Although I already loved Scottish culture, these hidden treasures are something worth visiting more than one time, So hopefully I'll be back there one day.


tutorphil said...

Welcome back, Rubes - sounds as if you had proper 'outdoors' experience - something lovely for you to watch; if you haven't seen it already, take a look at third year Dave's final animation - 'An Audience With'

This is a great example of someone doing everything right - great design, some nice animation, great timing, lovely story, charm and a wonderful lightness of touch! Enjoy!

Ruben Alexandre said...

thanks phil!
Yes I will watch it, also I will start the project next week. :)

J.J. said...

Great to hear you came back, and looks like all in one part ( I have the experience when we had to cary "broken" firends back home after this type of trip :D )
Really look forward to seeing what you'll make this summer :)

Ruben Alexandre said...

ye it was a great experience, and hopefully I can make something out of the summer project, even though in a month im planning to travel around europe :)

Sam Hayes said...

Wow Ruben, some amazing shots there, hope you enjoyed it. It must've been great getting away from everything for a while.

Me and a friend have kept saying we were going to go up to North Scotland to camp wild, now that you've described it, I think now we'll definitely have to. Camping is so much better than staying in hotel somewhere, I'll be spending a couple of weeks in the wild too in the Lake and Peak districts next month. I hope it's as satisfying as what you've described.

Ruben Alexandre said...

Sam, it is worthwhile you face challenges or situations ur not used to, and you overcome them easily. I would never think that my body would last so long from walking and climbing.but I did and I felt happy cos I saw landscapes that no one can describe.

Lev said...

Welcome back. Wow that country side looks soo pretty. Remind me at the next Rangers meeting when its asked for sugestions for any trips in comming years to recomend this.