Monday, 27 August 2012

Master of Animals Project and Such!

Firstly, the good news is that I have been highly creative lately by drawing and sculpting, and learning in depth Zbrush. Therefore, I decided to set myself a new challenge, a new personal project to have completion in a  few weeks time. 15 weeks.

The Master of Animals

Briefly, The Master of Animals is amazonian mythological character, whose power, presence and strength cannot be compared. As mythology tells me that it can be perceived in different animals, being the strongest of the species considered the master, My idea of the character is to create an hybrid humanoid, which power has been offered by these different animals.

For the initial stage I have began to put some reference pictures up.

Meanwhile and as I mentioned earlier I have been sculpting in Zbrush in order to gain some more skills in that such powerful tool and insert it in my character workflow nevertheless. Here is the progress on my games character following Ryan Kingslien Tutorial.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Work Featured in Digital Arts Magazine and more!

Since University finished, I have been trying to pave the way into my professional life. A few things have been happening since for the better, one of them is product of exhibiting my work at the New Designer, where I was approached by Digital Arts Magazine to showcase my work in their magazine. And lately i was informed that my work was shotlisted and was to appear in the physical copy of the magazine.

So here is my feature in the magazine, I would like to Phil Gomm and Alan Postings for giving me the chance to exhibit my work in ND and to Magazine's Editor Johann Chan and Neil Bennet for picking my work to appear on the magazine.

So if you don't have a copy get one, because it is an issue with a lot of inspiring fresh work.

Alongside that many other things have been happening, Freelance work which i can only thank to David Keefe for mentioning my name and that details cannot be shared just yet.

Atom Pancakes have been slowly evolving into becoming more professional and exposed. With the Final Chapter entering Canterbury Anifest this year and the attempt to showcase it at Horsebridge Centre in Whistable, in the month of September. To keep up track of it evolves check our website and blog.

More updates to come soon!!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Learning Zbrush Sculpting with Ryan Kingslien Tutorial

One of the learning curves i want to tackle next is knowing Zbrush better, in order to apply thhis knowledge on my coming characters. Therefore i have been looking into creating humanoids in zbrush.

So far I was able to start by using zspheres to create a rough shape of the character, then I have used the move brush to retopo the base model, and began to add the volume.

with the base mesh sorted I began to do some polypaint on the model to define the muscular structure of the human body, a few more body parts to do but so far the torso has been done. 

Meanwhile on other subject things are going well on the freelance side of things.

I will keep you all updated. !!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

So life goes on...

Here is my first update, after graduating at UCA. The few past weeks were a mixture of holidays plus trying to get the first foot in the industry. A few good news I have received, and most importantly I began to plan my life from this point onwards.

At the moment, I'm in a middle of a freelance project which is quite exciting and hopefully will give me so more exposure into the industry. Projects in production are always confidential so not much information I can give away, but when possible I will update on that subject, just have to say exciting times.

For the time being, I havent looked at finding a job, as the wave of graduates from UK universities is invading London, therefore I am taking a slightly different strategy which I will explain in more detail in a further post.

Regarding tackling a learning curve, I have finally put my hands on Zbrush and trying to explore most of its features, from base mesh with zspheres to dinamesh and sculpting tools. I tend to apply what I learn onto any new characters.

As part of the new strategy, me and a few of my colleagues expanded Atom Pancakes, with a  group of 5 we intend to help each other get better elements to integrate on our showreels. Exciting news on this end, we have a project already forming, but more details can be found on our website or blog.

More updates and details will be added soon as well as any works, sketches etc...