Wednesday, 8 August 2012

So life goes on...

Here is my first update, after graduating at UCA. The few past weeks were a mixture of holidays plus trying to get the first foot in the industry. A few good news I have received, and most importantly I began to plan my life from this point onwards.

At the moment, I'm in a middle of a freelance project which is quite exciting and hopefully will give me so more exposure into the industry. Projects in production are always confidential so not much information I can give away, but when possible I will update on that subject, just have to say exciting times.

For the time being, I havent looked at finding a job, as the wave of graduates from UK universities is invading London, therefore I am taking a slightly different strategy which I will explain in more detail in a further post.

Regarding tackling a learning curve, I have finally put my hands on Zbrush and trying to explore most of its features, from base mesh with zspheres to dinamesh and sculpting tools. I tend to apply what I learn onto any new characters.

As part of the new strategy, me and a few of my colleagues expanded Atom Pancakes, with a  group of 5 we intend to help each other get better elements to integrate on our showreels. Exciting news on this end, we have a project already forming, but more details can be found on our website or blog.

More updates and details will be added soon as well as any works, sketches etc... 

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