Sunday, 30 August 2009

First sketches

All my sketches have a connection between them in my project i tried to get some influences on the objects provided on the sheet and create a fantasy world where the allies in this case the "Guardians of the Light" fight the "Destroyers of Energy", so like in many films or games before, i tried to create a world where humans fight the machines.

This idea was created by trying to connect both worlds together while at first is the enemies' HQ a structure where light is difficult to penetrate thats why the shelter, and secondly i created some enemies the began by being allies but after to much time living on the shadows became enemies.

In here, I have some more enemies structures and machines, one being a spy plane and other is a what the enemies worship the more , the source of power, oil and metal.

In this page, i drew some more robots whose life were changed by nature so they swapped sides.

This are some more sketches where I created some evil creatures and some more structures to back up my whole idea of fantasy world where nature and the "guardians of the light" fight against the machines or i would say the destroyers of nature.

This is one of my main ideas which was to create a robot with aspects from Sweeney Todd and Edward Scissorhands and create a devil machine with it.

In this Page, i used as main idea the bulbs as source of energy to move the machines and as well created what i like to call " a guardian of light ", also the idea of renewing energy is presented in the structure on the left corner.

P.S. sorry the bad quality but i don't have access to a scan for now


Saturday, 29 August 2009

Project Creativity 101

As part of my course starting next september I have a project to do by the first day of Uni, which i find it as a good warm up from Holidays ( not really for me), but finishing all the sketches i came up with the 3 final ideas now just develop them more and voila!!

I have been a bit busy lately, with work, to send them to the blog, as all my stuff ( computer, scanner, etc.) is in my new house in rochester and i will only have access to it when i move in, but with no more excuses i will keep you updated with the drawings as soon as i can !

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Tomek Baginski a great influence- hardkor 44'

Tomek Baginski is a well-known computer animator whose work such as "Cathedral" and "Undo" influenced most the animators that followed him. In 2012, his new film is coming out and from what i've seen from the concept art it is an amazing project with astonishing graphics i' ll leave with the video and you can see for yourself..

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Hello everyone!

Here's my blog page where I will share some of my work, ideas and some good articles to read about. this page will have as main objective to show my progress through my projects.

hope you enjoy!