Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Tomek Baginski a great influence- hardkor 44'

Tomek Baginski is a well-known computer animator whose work such as "Cathedral" and "Undo" influenced most the animators that followed him. In 2012, his new film is coming out and from what i've seen from the concept art it is an amazing project with astonishing graphics i' ll leave with the video and you can see for yourself..


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Below – addresses for new first year blogs currently up and running (I’ll post more as they go live). Go say “hi” – get that first awkward introduction over before the first day of term!

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Charlotte at http://thelastearthangel.blogspot.com
Matt at http://www.hyland255.blogspot.com

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More blogs - go introduce yourself to the class of 2009!

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