Thursday, 31 December 2009

Unit 03 - Digital Concept (work in progress) update

I wanted to update the blog before I can relax for tonight and enjoy the New Year, on my update I added some texture to the painting, the way I want it to look an old, dirty , abandoned building. Also I applied some lighting come out of the rooms, as it was projected by windows in them. I particularly like the way the light is casting grabbing some attention when looking at the picture.

I shall finish the painting tomorrow start to add some colour. When finished I will start the designs for the objects and respective modelling and apply textures.

This painting has been a real challenge as I wasnt familiar with depicting interiors, and all the straight lines that it applies. but with a lot of research and understanding of perspective, I am starting to understand it.

Unit 03 - Digital Concept (work in progress)

After last week of doing not much work as it was Christmas and I had my parents over. I took my digital sketch and and continued to develop even more. I started to put some textures in some of the places. Once again, the black and white will be substituted by colour as soon as I'm pleased with the whole concept :)

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A Trip to Texture Land

Yesterday, I had to be a guide showing my parents the attractions in London, so to add work to pleasure, I decided to take some pictures of the sights, but also of the textures. I found London amazing to get any textures you want from wood to metal and stone, everything can be found, I broaden my texture library with some textures that will be 'handy' for this project and for following ones.




Maya Tutorials: Using and Creating Fur Maps

Today, I woke up and thought its a Maya so lets do all the tutorials, Im on my way to finish all this week ones, it is good to broad my knowledge in textures but also will help me to texture my scene, as I'm starting to understand colour, bump and spec maps.

Here's the 2nd tutorial from last week ( the one before the Santa hat, I just changed the order of doing them).

Maya Tutorials: Santa Hat (Fur Tutorials)

This Santa Hat is part of the 1st tutorials on Fur texturing, it was a really straightforward tutorial and really fun to do, also I started to play a bit with the attributes to see how much I can stretch a fur, to produced the wished types of fur.

Maya Tutorials: Texturing Fur

Last weeks tutorial, highlighting how to texture with fur, in my opinion this tutorial will come really handy for future reference it does refer to the early stages of texturing with fur. to create realistic characters the addition of fur will be somehow vital. Here is some samples done in this tutorial using presets, blending them and tweaking some attributes, related with lighting and shading.


Blending Furs

Shading Fur