Saturday, 5 December 2009

Unit 3- First Sketches for Crime Scene Idea

My crime scene idea takes place in a 30's American apartment where a crime scene just took place. I hva estarted to scribble a bit my idea to better visualize it and eventually I have changed the composition and the cameras a few times, I did some really rough and quick thumbnails, just help me see and show my idea.


The last skecth shows better what i want to depict, It's a subject view of the crime scene as soon as he arrives home, at first, he perceives everything is ok, but on the background plane is a dead corpse on the floor or hanged up ( I dont know yet), Also I want to create a contrast by using Art deco designs to decorate my house, not only will set the scene a bit in time, but also will give that glamorous and beautiful look. It will contrast with the uncanny and disturbing scenario occuring on the background plane. These are just really rough sketches, that I will develop with more detail and where I will play even more with camera angles and lighting.

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