Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Unit 3- Composing 1st and 3rd idea

After watching Repulsion today, and referencing this same scene on yesterday's post on my 3rd idea. the hallway scene was stuck in my head, not only is the 1st impression of any house but by just standing at the door in the hallway we can perceive different stories happening in different rooms. so to complete my idea, I decided to mix the suicide scene in the house with a shot taken in a hallway, where the shadow of human forms and things happening in the doors will give clues to whats happening or not.  So for example, as seen on the rough sketch on the second door on the left is a shadow cast from that room towards the hallway which will give an idea also the chair fallen on the floor to complete and so on, it will have the ambiguity not to tell the spectator whats happening but giving clues to maybe whats happening.

Hallway Scene in film Repulsion

Rough Sketch of Hybrid Idea

The reason I just have rough sketches is because I was on the trying out stage different composition cameras and ideas. Hopefully, if everything goes well, I will start to do some more elaborate sketches from now on playing with camera and composition. Also I was struggling a bit last week with ideas but after helpful lectures and films, I'm starting to understand.


tutorphil said...

Evening Ruben,

I think that corridors are always a site for unease - I suppose it's all the potential of all those doors - and the thought of what might lie behind them. Repulsion makes great use of the corridor - and the static camera creates tension; in terms of lighting etc. you'll need to play things just right to ramp up the expectancy; you're using a domestic corridor; have you considered the larger environment of the corridor; after all, hospital corridors have additional ambience, as do hotels, asylums... for some spooky old buildings check out


Ruben Alexandre said...

thank you phil,

other idea, i had was using an Asylum corridor in which door is a different story to tell but in the end it will lead to only one place the building...

I will develop even more this idea, I think I was stuck with the crime scene idea and it didnt go away.