Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Unit 3- Hospital Hallways Reference Images

These pictures help me to understand the perspective while looking at a corridor, even though they represent the same perspective than in the abandoned mental institutions, these are 'tidier'.

Also found that, keeping the subject view but slightly change the perspective will allow me to not only show the hallway, but also the inside of the 1st room, as seen on the left image. On the other hand, if I change the position of the doors or the camera those rooms wont be seen, image on the left.

Concluding that the way, I play with the camera will be crucial to help me convey my idea and that a 'straight' view down the hallway, doesnt seem really dynamic, while these slightly changed will help me to reveal and hide information.

Let's get the sketches, done!!!


tutorphil said...

Exactly - a 'straight down the middle' shot just creates a hole down which the eye disappears, effectively 'emptying' the composition and making the eye 'slide' past the details; off-centre is much more compositionally interesting - and the height of the camera will play an important part too.

tutorphil said...

From Stanley Kubrick's The Shining - a nasty bit of corridor action, followed by a wondefully perverse 'glimpse' into a hotel room; when you were talking about the viewpoint allowing a cropped view of a room, perhaps you could think of what that 'cropped view' might suggest...?



Ruben Alexandre said...

Indeed, Phil I have to be spot on in that cropped view because it will be my main part of the scene a cropped view suggesting something...