Monday, 7 December 2009

Unit 3- Some More Sketches

I decided to develop a bit more my idea of the suicide, for that I did the design of the house to set a bit of reality into the scene, also I did some more experimentation with other compositions and objects.

As you can see on the bottom quick sketch, i am changing my initial idea of having or legs or a silhouette of the human body to only the cast of its shadows by a light coming from a window or lamp behind it, The shadow will appear right in the middle of the arch that shows the second plan. The idea of the shadow came as I don't want to depict any human reference only by picturing the shadow.

This sketches show a bit better what I want to convey, as I said before, a 'subject' view entering the apartment where the crime scene has just been committed but is not perceived at first.

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