Thursday, 31 December 2009

Unit 03 - Digital Concept (work in progress) update

I wanted to update the blog before I can relax for tonight and enjoy the New Year, on my update I added some texture to the painting, the way I want it to look an old, dirty , abandoned building. Also I applied some lighting come out of the rooms, as it was projected by windows in them. I particularly like the way the light is casting grabbing some attention when looking at the picture.

I shall finish the painting tomorrow start to add some colour. When finished I will start the designs for the objects and respective modelling and apply textures.

This painting has been a real challenge as I wasnt familiar with depicting interiors, and all the straight lines that it applies. but with a lot of research and understanding of perspective, I am starting to understand it.


RichardVC said...

Ruben, this is amazing, every time i look at it, it just keeps getting better and better.

Ruben Alexandre said...

thanks Rich, how is your concept art going,and the whole set..

RichardVC said...

ok, not done much though, really should get cracking this week, but im having troubles still with the tablet, im just going to un-install and re-install the drivers.

Ruben Alexandre said...

what problems you having, if is something I can help??

johnathane said...

Another excellent tutorial, And I agree with you painting is really dificult then giving it cool effects.
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