Friday, 4 December 2009

Film: Walkabout, 1970, Nicolas Roeg

This Australian film is a drama telling the story of a girl and her little brother that try to find their way home, after their father killed himself, they adventure inside the heart of Australia, until they find an Aborigine boy, whichs is in his years of 'walkabout', the language barrier firstly is really a problem but then all of them work together to overcome the problems in the wild.

Overall, I thought it was a really interesting film, with beautiful shots of Australia, close-ups of the wild animals are just amazing especially the ants one reminding me Gregory Crewdson's  work, methapors created with actions and  the 'civilized' society. after reading some reviews, apparently what the director wanted to convey was the idea that the society we live steals our innocence, we no longer see the things innocently, but we have second thoughts about them. The only thing I found not in the right place, was the lack of information, why the father starts to shoot at his child in the beginning, and what made him do it.

A really interesting film, that just makes me go and live in Australia... :)

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tutorphil said...

the opening of the movie is wonderful BECAUSE the father's behaviour isn't explained, but I think there are enough suggestions to suggest that something psycho-sexual is awry between father and daughter - at least, in the father's mind. Walkabout is full of strangeness and curious tableaux - really pleased you watched it.