Saturday, 26 December 2009

Series: Kingdom Hospital, 2004, Stephen King

After I finished watching the whole mini-series consisted in 13 episodes, which I absolutely adored, I can write a bit more about it.

Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital is the haunting drama series by the award-winning, best-selling master of horror. Based on Lars Von Trier's Danish miniseries 'Rigit'. King tells the terrifying story of The Kingdom, a hospital which is haunted by spirits of children that once were killed in a fire at that same site. the supernatural happens when a little girl, Mary, appears crying through the hallways, seeking for someone to help her, and to open the door to the land of the dead, to free this long lost souls.

Each episode, tells a story of a patient that is admitted to the hospital and shows how each of their cases complete the whole series, from helping Mary, to even harm her. As soon you started to watch you are devoured into watching the whole series at once, the only problem is that sometimes the language or even the way is depicted can confuse the viewer. King's being a master of horror, he writes this whole series in a horror novel style having a narrator taking the spectator through what happens in that hospital. Also to 'cut' all this supernatural feeling to the whole series , King's adds some funny parts into it, specially related to 'the Keepers', a secret association inside the same hospital that is eager to destroy the neurologist Dr. Stegman career.
In my opinion, it is beautifully shot and each story got a moral behind it. the distiction of a newly-built hospital and the ' Old Kingdom'.

As a whole is worth watching especially if you are into supernatural and horror matters. but I advise now that some parts can be quite strong, confusing and even hard to follow.

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