Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Film: Dead of Night (Ventriloquist Part), 1945. A.Cavalcanti, C. Crichton, B.Dearden, R. Hamer

As part of the unhomely series to our project, we watched a excerpt of the horror film, Dead of Night, more specifically the famous ventriloquist part.

This part of the film shows the story of a famous ventriloquist that actually believes that his dummy is alive, and its trying to command him.

At first, I am scared of puppet and dummies, and this film gave me the creeps, the fact that the puppet wasn't alive, but looked like it was, is something that bears a peculiar uneasy feeling. the dummy's face is scary already, and when the ventriloquist starts to play with it, it was even more creepy. the perfect use of the dummy made the ventriloquist been in a position of him being the controlled instead.
It was interesting to know how the ventriloquist was so 'into' the dummy that actually the dummy was the one making decisions for him. in the end, it just prove that the ventriloquist needed psychotherapy as he had multiple identity disorder.

A small masterpiece of cinema, and a pioneer for all the dummy horror films.

While watching the film, I sketched something really quick related to the film.

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