Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Unit 3- Brief Post of 1st Ideas

So it starts, and after getting an amazing lecture on 'the uncanny' , and speaking to Phil about my 1st ideas.

The 1st idea:

I want to create uncanny scene, where suicide will be present in it, not like in Russel Sorgi work where is explicit in it, but through clues on the scene and lighting work directing the eye into it. creating a present and future thought of the scene.
I took a Crime Scenes book from the library, and phil advised me to not stick with human body as we dont have yet the knowledge to create one, so I thought in this scene will be a minimal use of human parts apart from drawn or only shadows, where the objects will talk for themselves.

I ll update with some sketches soon.

The 2nd idea:

For my second example, I though of creating a scene dealing with alcohol intoxication, in the eyes a little girl seeing her father extremely drunk. Also it would create an uncanny moment so present in people's lives as well as mine.

Also I'll update with sketches.

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