Thursday, 3 December 2009

Unit 3- More Uncanny objects

The day of the crit and after getting the brief for next unit I rushed to the library to get a book that will help me a lot with my essay as well as understanding the uncanny, the book is called 'The Uncanny' by the Artist Mike Kelley.

This book got a introduction to the uncanny concept and is illustrated with beautiful as well as disturbing examples that demonstrate it.

Some intriguing examples:

Karl Schenker- Wax Models

This wax models are the most realistic, I have ever seen because they have these unique expressions, the smile in their face shows a bit of creepiness as it is static.

Edgar Bergen- Ventriloquist And

 Charlie McCarthy- 'Dummy'

Edgar Bergen Vetriloquist dummy used to entertained people in 1940's, with his real- look and behaviour just like a child.

Christiana Glidden-Death of a Replicant,1998

This works in my opinion is really disturbing, not only is a silicon model that looks exactly human, but also it is enclosed in this case, in a position as if it is dead.


Marc Quinn- Blood Head and No Visible Means to Escape IV

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