Friday, 4 December 2009

Unit 3- Uncanny in Pixar 1st Short Films

All these Uncanny concept, remind me something I watched when I started this course to give me more inspiration, a collection of short films By Pixar from the 1st 80's shorts to the latest ones. On this particular example of the short animation 'The Tin Toy', the baby figure featuring there has this really creepy look, as his appearance and movements are not quite realistic, I think here is a perfect example when you are going down the valley :(, is where the character is human but not quite as the humans we know.

On the other hand, in 1997 Pixar's Geri Games, this uncanny issue doesn't exist, because the character apart from being human, it starts to be stylised. It is a concept taken by Pixar since then, where instead of producing hyper-realistic characters, they approach them ina  more stylised way to be what can say 'audience friendly'.

Another good example is a lack of human characters featuring the 1st big Pixar Film,Toy Story, although they are present, they are not the main characters, giving place to the more stylized and appealing toys.

Pixar's concept, not only is 'audience friendly', but also it gives that characteristic the made Pixar's name and not crossing the uncanny valley like so many others dare to cross.

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