Friday, 18 December 2009

Unit 3 - Final Sketches Before Digital

After I looked at the previous sketch I did i wasn't 100 % satisfied with the composition while placing the objects, so I had a go once again to try to refine it.

In this sketch, I started by tweaking slightly the perspective to not allow the spectator to look at the room fully, but instead only a cropped view with some elements. As I said, I started to refine a bit my sketch by adding shading and some atmosphere, which is quite difficult to see when you scan it, But it will help me when I move this drawing to digitally. Also, as I am putting my hospital corridor set in Victorian design, I decided to add already some details that will define that same time. For example, the design of the chair.
I will take you into a visit inside the hospital for now, describing the objects but not really connecting them together, for that I allow the spectator to do it. In the 1st room, and as shown in the previous sketch, is a Victorian style hospital bed and chair fallen just by the door-less room, with a mirror reflecting something that happened or will happen. The 2nd room shows a patients room, who is, I would say fanatic, by old- fashioned dolls, and having the same hospital bed design in the room. In the 3rd room, everything will only be shown by the reflection of the mirror that eventually will reflect the inside of the room. Finally the 4th room, in my opinion bears the most ambiguity, not allowing the spectator perceive what is really inside giving the surprise element in the spectators mind. Alongside all these rooms is a Victorian design hallway, where its end will be cropped, not providing what is in its end, pulling the spectator to go forth.
The major change from my previous sketch, was that I decided not to add so many objects cluttering the rooms and the hallways, this hospital being abandoned, it wont have many objects inside, instead I decided to use them to obstruct the spectator and crop the views of the rooms, directing the eye to the major points.

Now that I'm finally pleased with the composition I want to take it further in photoshop and create a better atmosphere and lighting, and polish some edges.

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Sam Hayes said...

This looks fantastic as it is, so god knows how good it'll look when you get it in Photoshop and then in 3D. Bit of a challenge to model I reckon,but we've got a while. Good Luck