Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Film: Stepford Wives, 1975, Bryan Forbes

The film is based on a 1972 novel by Ira Levin, and tells the story of a family, Joanna, mother of 2 and her husband Walter, that recently moved from New York City to the small town of Stepford, as they accommodate to live there, strange things start to happen, first Walter joins the Men's association, which doesn't allow women to be present. In the supermarket, something weird also happens when one of the neighbours, has a car crash and doesnt stop to repeat herself. as all this happens something starts to cook in Joanna's Mind with the help of her other neighbour and friend, Bobbie Markowe, they try to reveal all this mystery. her friend gets also caught in this mysterious plot.
Joanna by herself, finds that the men's association is behind all of this and that substitutes the Stepford wives by robots, who are amazing housewives, and only care for their husbands.

When I began to watch it, I thought of a whole different film, where everything would be happy with small references to the uncanny, but once again I was wrong, Uncanny can never be happy, instead is this weird and creepy feeling.
This film proves how a film that starts all joy and happiness becomes a really disturbing one.
the uncanny present when she feels that what surrounds her seems familiar, but actually it is strange, when she sees her friend Bobbie transformed into a emotionless robot, and ultimately when she sees a robot representation of herself. Also, the ambiguity present is immense where every action and scene will lead or mislead to something, and the use of clues that put together in the end for the film, giving the reason for all the mystery.
A film, where the suggestive creates the plot.
It not only deals with the Sexism lived by society in that time and that now is starting to fade, the 'Men's society', but also refers to the consumerism lived all around the world.

I loved the fact that in the end, you remember little clues that seemed not important at first.
It reminds me films like the 'Truman Show' or even 'the Machinist', where the ambiguity lived throughout the film is answered right in the end, and the spectator has to go back to puzzle all the clues together.



tutorphil said...

Morning Ruben,

I'm pleased you enjoyed the film - and I very much like the 'new-look' blog - looks increasingly professional; and you're right about the film; there is a sense of strangeness throughout - the scene where the husband is sitting in the chair drinking, and doesn't explain what's wrong (though we can presume he's just learned what the men of Stepford do to their wives) - and, of course, the school bus scene - are we to think that, after the wives, the children might be replaced - and is that a robot dog at the end? Who knows for sure.

I would like you to bolster your observations of the film with some supporting reviews; I'm trying (failing!) to get you lot into the habit of always backing up your film reviews with the published critique of others - I want you to get good at spotting the 'useful quote' or helpful insight that can enrich and energise your essay writing - go visit or and see what else has been written about The Stepford Wives - bad or good - and approach your reviews like this in the future...

Ruben Martins said...

thank you Phil!

for some of my reviews, I have been looking into the reviews, others not.

for future, reviews I wont only give my opinion but also support it with some reviews out of the internet.

Ruben Martins said...

Good that is looking more professional, is what I was trying to achieve for a long time but pointlessly, after did some experiments with HTML codes, finally is working just have to sort out the contacts :S maybe create a small section where Ill put my email, youtube channel, deviant art account, any portfolio website, etc..