Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Unit 3- Scene Objects Research- Part I

My scene will have a certain number of objects so I wanted to give them the Victorian style by researching some objects of that time.
According to the list I have done before the objects will be placed within the 3 rooms and the hallway, and will create ambiguity on the whole scene.

Mainly for the rooms, I wanted to give this appearance shown on the picture above, a simple and old-fashioned room, also with a 'cold' look.


Here's some research I did on Victorian Style Chairs, for my scene I may combine small things from each one and create ,what I would say, a 'hybrid' of a chair.




Mirrors are another object in my scene that will have an important role on the overall scene, as they 'reflect' stories or happenings.

Hospital Beds:


Although I am planning to add some doll's heads and dismembered doll bodies, I dont want to create an hyper-realistic doll or anything human-like as I dont want to get the complicated world of organic CG, instead I have researched a simpler and easier old-fashioned doll, the example I used is the one in 'Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital', who knows this mini-series, it was Mary's Doll, A old-fashioned doll made out of paper-mache.

Also, I researched some other dolls that looked really creepy, specially the old ones.

The third picture, shows the creepiest doll I have ever seen, that kind of maniac smile really gives a shiver down my spine. :S

Pierrot, the Sad Clown:

Also, as I posted before I had the idea to add the picture of a Clown on the second room, giving an extra hint of eeriness, so I went back to my childhood and the only famous clown I knew was Pierrot, because my mum had a porcelain figure of it, so I thought it was appropriate for the scene, nothing better in a creepy scene a sad clown.

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