Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Unit 3- Digital Concept (work in progress)

In the last few days, I have been a bit busy working and also battling photoshop when painting my interior concept, I find really challenging do interiors with so many straight lines, also its difficult to find where the light is coming from, and where it casts ( i am using a red arrow, but is not shown in the sketches). So far this is my progress, at first I decided to use black & white for now to give me a better understanding of light and later I will apply some colour, and colour light as well to dramatize the scene even more. I really like the effect I gave in the 1st room ( the one of the right) but it still need another layer of light.


Jack Stevenson said...

like it man, looks nice! i think the more i look at your work the more i understand how to paint lol!!

btw love the theme, looks rele nice, but u can only post a comment by clicking on the post, took me a while to figure it out! lol!!

merry xmos btw :)

RichardVC said...

Yeah same, i thought i had to post by email :S

It looks really nice, you paint so neat i have no idea how you get it so neat and crisp looking staight away, not more i can say really, looks good.

Ruben Alexandre said...

sry guys new layout is pretty weird everything is working ok apart from posting, when you want to post you have to click where it sys the number or the post... Ill have to link the word comment as well....

ooops.. damn free layouts lol

@ jack
thanks, good is helping... im just a rookie lol..

@ Rich
to get neat, work I just used Phil's tips create the shape and paint on the top... always holding the shift Key for straight lines.. some also are only straight lines and then add some expressive brushstrokes..

its a nightmare though, much easier outdoor environments..

Thanks guys!!

Lev said...

Looking good. I really like the style :). Plus what Jack said. Looking at how you've painted this helps gives us an idea of how its done. Merry Christmas to ^^

Ruben Alexandre said...

feeling happy that i'm being helpful...
I'm not really expirient in this concept art matter but if you need any tips just ask!!!

Merry xmas for you all!!