Thursday, 3 December 2009

Unit 3 - Researching Crime Scenes

As I said before, my 1st idea goes into the creepy and disturbing world of crime scenes, suicides or homicides. I have started my research by getting the book 'Scene of the Crime: Photographs from the LAPD Archive' from the library, it has a wide range of crime scenes some with still the corpses in there and others not.
After talking with Phil about my idea, I decided to concentrate on the pictures where no corpses are present, and see how even with not having a dead body in the scene it would affect the spectators perception. I just think I'm going really down on the uncanny valley, by the corpses, zombie section :S

Here some pictures that I found amazing, yet disturbing (so be careful the faint hearted):

I found that even without any explicit corpse in the scene, the level of uneasiness when looking at the pictures is almost the same. As it can reminds us what can possibly happen there.

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