Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Unit 3- Hallway Reference Pictures

It is Christmas!, I had a special visit from my parents over here and so far they are enjoying everything apart from the cold :), Christmas holidays mean being sat around and have a whole lot of mince pies, but also means still have to work.
I have asked them when I started this project to take some pictures of my grandma's house, as it has a really weird feeling when you get in there.
The story of this house takes us about 2000 hundred years from now when it was constructed, at that time the whole building wasn't habitation but rather a monastery in the heart of Lisbon. Also stories tell that monks used to hide gold inside the walls, thing that wasn't proved until now (when one of my grandma's friend tried to dig the walls) but instead he found the monk's bones. So when I heard those stories, the feeling of uneasiness that I have already felt in there was doubled. Each apartment now is divided, but most of the construction itself is deteriorating, and at a risk of falling, the problem is that my nan still lives there until government gives another home. The design of the house is really weird with a tall ceiling and a narrow hallway and a lot of rooms.

Here some pictures I would like to share of the place:

As we walk the hallway, the uneasiness intensifies when we meet the doors, one leading to a really small bedroom that no one human can stand in it and the other to this living room that which is huge. In my opinion, the strangeness of the hallway add to the distortion of the place, the difference of scales of the rooms and the stories told, is to me one of the creepiest houses I have ever seen, and reminds how I was scared to go in there in my childhood. But, at the same time is my Nan's House :S

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