Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Film: Invaders from Mars, 1953, William Menzies

On Tuesday, we were presented with the uncanny concept, theory established by Freud that describes an uneasiness that people have when the familiar becomes strangely unfamiliar, weird and ultimately scary. Also to demonstrate this concept we were also presented with another 50s' Sci-Film.

Invaders from Mars is a interesting film, it tells a story of a little boy's dream, where an invasion from Aliens take place near his home. When he decides to tell his father that something weird happened in the fields near his house, his father decides to investigate but suddenly is captured by an Aliens spaceship, which implant a small device that can control his emotions and moves. This happens to a few people of that city when they search the fields. The main objective of the Aliens is to take control of human force to destroy their own experiment, a rocket ship.

It was a good film, with a brilliant use of technicolor depicting the 50s towns in America.
It shares almost the same concept that the previous film we watched, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but this one actually show the bug-eyed aliens in it. The acting was good overall, in some points gave this amazing Uncanny feeling to the main character, the kid, where the town he lives in suddenly drastically changes.
The only fault I saw and many people seen it too, was the infinite repetition of the same scenes, and a lot of time in the film wasted, where they were running around waiting unti the day of tomorrow. About the costumes of the aliens, the zipper didnt go there well I know, but that is what happens when the budget is low. In fact, was not much of a problem, because if it was a child's dream, things could be a bit child-like.

I would say it was a good film, until they started to repeat the same scenes over and over again, wasting a bit of time.

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