Thursday, 10 December 2009

Unit 3- Hallway Perspective

After choosing to use the tweaked perspective, I have started to add some objects something that I really need to work on, in terms of composition.

Here's is the drawing showing some of the objects I add, but also its a overview design of that area.

Although I started to add some objects to scene, I wasn't fully happy with the perspective shown, as I dont want the spectator eye to lose in the end of the corridor

I'm not sure if I like it, even after I tweaked a little more the camera, bringing it forward and to the right, to show part of the rooms and respective doors, and not representing the hallway.

Any opinions, more than welcome!!


J.J. said...

The last one is better to my mind, because at first really I just uncontrolably kept on watching that end of a tunnel :D No I feel like I'd be interested in seing doors or what's inside the rooms. Much more interesting :)
Hey, and check out if the right side of the (last) drawing is ok, it feels a bit 'down'
I'd wish my sketches were so tidy :D :D

Ruben Alexandre said...

I thought the same about the last sketch, I think Im going to take that further and add some more details.

the right side of the last drawing is not straight the inclination is deepen because the whole document is a bit distorted because of the scanner.

thank you !!

tutorphil said...

Yep - the last sketch is strongest, as, in the first sketch, the dividing wall seems to 'halt' the image somehow - incidentally, where are you getting your interior designs from? If you're not using specific visual reference to guide your environment, you should be - for instance, is this a Victorian-style hallway, or Edwardian? Specifics make your modelling task that much more straightforward...

Ruben Alexandre said...

I was thinking of a victorian style hallway just like shown in the film, ELephant Man...

these sketches were mainly to get the perspective right now I have only to add the details that will define the era of the hospital.