Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Unit 3- Hallway Research

After deciding to go forward with my hallway idea, and getting a really helpful comment by Phil, I started to broad my research in not only domestic hallways but communal buildings as well, for instance, hospitals and asylums.
With this idea , I want to show what each door reveals or not, the ambiguity, to discover peoples lives are just a step away, just behind those doors.With this in mind, I will now develop my sketches, and also refine them. But for now some uncanny pictures of the places.


This pictures show abandoned rooms, partially destroyed in a no longer functional Asylum, which gives me the opportunity to know what are the most commonly objects in those places.



To add to my research the scenes in the pictures above, show what I am attempting to achieve in terms of perspective and also some composition.

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tutorphil said...

I LOVE that top image - amazing colour cast - and there's some truly horrible about that old bed pan... a rich brew of textures too!