Saturday, 26 December 2009

Unit 3- Scene Objects Research- Part II

After a few days of euphoric busyness is time to get back to work, and to stop eating those amazing Christmas delicacies. Here's the second part of the post, with all the researching into the objects I will be using in my scene. As the image show, I want to create the a realistic scene, as I am using real-life references and not digitally generated ones or other concept arts.

Chest of Drawers:

In the picture above shows a room in an abandoned hospital, but I put this picture to focus on the chest of drawers. A piece of furniture that I'll be using on the 3rd room, I understand that this chest of drawers is quite small and looks more like a file cabinet, idea that I am also thinking of add instead of the chest of drawers.

Interior Details:


Doors is a element that will be featuring at least one of the rooms in the hallway, Victorian style doors are quite common in houses all around Britain so to find reference pictures of them is not difficult, though its size is important to create a realistic environment.

Skirting Boards:

To decorate the hallway I will use small interior details once again to give the realistic 'look' to the scene. Also the addition of a layer to create a old and abandoned hospital will accentuate the eerie feeling.

Other Details:

Hospital Tables:

This object will be placed in the right side of the hallway and just part of it will be see, as many other objects on the scene, cropping them will create ambiguity.

Lamps ( not giving the scene lighting):

Wall Lamps:

Victorian Hospitals were decorated with a several amount of wall lamps that alongside with the main lamps in the ceiling produced light to the hospital hallways and helping the dark lonely nights lived by the nurses, easier.

Bearing the style in mind, I started to look profoundly into more designs, even more recent ones that still have the base of the Victorian style.

Ceiling Lamps:


This piece of clothing was one of the most revolutionary invented to use in the mental hospitals, until then the more dangerous patients had to wear chains that sometimes could hurt them.
With this piece of clothing they were able to walk around without harming somebody else or even themselves.

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