Friday, 11 January 2013

Quiet Time means Productivity!

To be honest to you all guys, this blog has been very quiet for quite some time now. Therefore I decided to kick things up, with progress on my beautician character.

From where I left it I carried on modelling the rest of the body.

The Body

 The head

 With this initial sculpting and with the topology not really in my favour I decided to begin a new process in my pipeline. Retopology, it means having a dense polygon mesh and change the topology to better accommodate the details. While the first time I have done this process I used Zbrush own retopology tools, I decided to have a go at using topogun for the same end. 

So far I have done the torso.

 In terms of freelancing work, It is going very well, with the character pretty much modeled, awaiting some texturing, and all the mechanisms to be animated ( Skinning and Rigging). Unfortunately,, I am not able to share anything, for the moment. You wait. 

Until next time.