Monday, 7 December 2009

Film: Repulsion, 1965, Roman Polanski

Today, we watched a strange,rather interesting film, Repulsion, by Roman Polanski. It told a story of a young woman living in London in the 60's, where the woman emancipation for sexual relationships was being approved. Despite the new liberal status of the society, the young woman Carole ( Catherine Deneuve) does not recognize this liberal status and adding to her fear of men, she becomes to feel depressed and ultimately neurotic, which led her to knock to death  the man which was passionately in love with her also her landlord which was trying to sexual harass her.
While her life was torning apart, her mind was playing games with her, not only make her believe that someone was abusing her every night but also make her think that the house she was living, was detiorating with her.

This film is one of the most intriguing films we have seen so far,starting with that disturbing eye right in the beginning which remounted me to the uncanny, also it dealt with the human psyche more specifically paranoia , which is intriguing for a start, from the start to the end a feeling of uneasiness was with me deepen with a really strong soundtrack, in some places to intensify the actions.
The black and white used beautifully, was confusing the viewer to find what really the size of the room were and also to intensify the shading in some places. It gave the whole idea that the house or was becoming bigger or wasnt the same since the beggining. the close-up shots of the people once again gave the feeling of uneasiness, claustrophobia. But what really stroke me was her piercing eyes all the way through the film, looking like she was in type of trance.  I would say that special effects in the set were just brilliant, not only looked real but actually created the idea that the house was being destroyed or possessed by a demon, in the case of the hands.
The fact that the only connection we have with the young woman's childhood life is a family picture where she is looking away from the camera,it  creates an ambiguity to the spectator who tries to find what really happened to her to be afraid of men, was she abbused as child or not.

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