Monday, 27 August 2012

Master of Animals Project and Such!

Firstly, the good news is that I have been highly creative lately by drawing and sculpting, and learning in depth Zbrush. Therefore, I decided to set myself a new challenge, a new personal project to have completion in a  few weeks time. 15 weeks.

The Master of Animals

Briefly, The Master of Animals is amazonian mythological character, whose power, presence and strength cannot be compared. As mythology tells me that it can be perceived in different animals, being the strongest of the species considered the master, My idea of the character is to create an hybrid humanoid, which power has been offered by these different animals.

For the initial stage I have began to put some reference pictures up.

Meanwhile and as I mentioned earlier I have been sculpting in Zbrush in order to gain some more skills in that such powerful tool and insert it in my character workflow nevertheless. Here is the progress on my games character following Ryan Kingslien Tutorial.


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will be looking forward to see the progress and result of master of animals!