Saturday, 26 June 2010

UCA Graduation Show

Last Thursday, I visited the UCA Gradutation show where all students from the University Courses had the chance to show their most realised work. Overall, it was a really enjoyable visit, always good to see some really good Art and Design.
Being interested to see the other courses, I found some really amazing and professional works, for example in model making, the quality of most of the works was delight to watch, from a gigantic Dinossaur head ( something out of Jurassic Park), to fully resolved building models ( with a professional look).
In the next category, was Applied Arts, with really good designs, and pieces, I do remember a contemporary look magazine coffee table and a sort of bench, pieces that I wouldn't ind to have at home :).
The next course was Silversmithing, Goldsmithing and Jewelry, although not being, one of my favourite subjects, I really enjoyed some of the designs, from Dish Plates (where I could possibly eat my portuguese sardines :) I miss them :( ) to really well designed necklaces.
The photography section was also inspiring with some good concepts, for example pictures of interios of human bodies, creating beautiful abstract pictures.
Finally, The Cg Arts Course exhibition was amazing, although I was familiar with most of the films already, it was an amazing experience to watch it in the lecture theater screen.
All the animations were amazing, however I can say the ones which stroke me the most were, "KiroBlade", by Jon Stewart and Pol Winandy, "The Medusa" by Jon Stewart, "The Sound of Thunder" by James Garner, with a delightful exploration of different environments, creating a metaphor between them. David O'Keeffe's "Timothy Winters" and " An Audience With", with a really good art direction, specially the latter where the 2D effect is added to the 3D. Also, Liam Scarlino's the History of Art in the early 20th century, witch outstanding effects, giving a clear explanation of the movements in a matter of seconds. Finally some of the gags used, in Daniel Sperrin's 'A Day in the Life of Death' were really entertaining provoking laughs in the auditorium.

Overall, a good afternoon, inside an University, with a lot of young talents ready to shine out there in the professional world.

P.s: Thanks Jack, for the Beer :)


Jack Stevenson said...

lol the beer was free :P no problem tho lol.

i must agree watching the videos in the lecture theatre is brilliant! it should be done more often :P

Jon Stewart said...

Thanks for the shoutout Ruben. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I did too! Peoples hard work paid off, a rewarding experience.