Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Maya Tutorials: Intro to Match Moving

Here is two weeks of tutorials where we were introduced to match moving, one of the fields in the industry that has been developed a lot recently. Although, not what I really want to follow this tutorials were helpful to understand and even visualise the world.from a simple 2d footage to a 3D environment.

However, I had a few problems with this tutorials because the auto tracking feature in Match-mover, was giving some really weird results. however after a few tries I was able to fix it, I dont know how.

the second problem was rendering the car tutorial, I don't know why but it didn't render any more than 10 frames. even though i changed the settings they would go back to 10 frames. with more time I will finish the other 2 tutorials and try to rerender the toy car one.

Match Moving- Auto tracking

Match Moving- Masked Auto Tracking


tutorphil said...

Hey Rubes,

Really sorry I missed your presentation on Tuesday. My life got suddenly rather complicated - as I ended locked out of my house on Monday night... anyway, I'm back inside now and all is well! I hope the presentation went well :)

Ruben Martins said...

hi phil,

all went well i think, i showed what I have done even though it wasn't that much.
for now starting to work on what I planned for this summer as well as speaking to my group and deciding roles and initial ideas.