Thursday, 15 March 2012

Major Project: Olivier, the Patissier, Character Modelling II

Lately, my life has been very hectic, juggling university work, my money job, and a newly acquired commission, therefore my lack of posts regarding university work. Although the little activity on here, the university work, has been going ( not as fast as I have wished) but it is going.
One of the great news, is that I have been commissioned to do a design project, unfortunately details can not be shared, it has been a good experience, that is allowing me to know new software, acquiring better design skills with a high standard of quality.

With this commission, something was revealed to me, that i would need to improve the access to my website featuring my work. So i decided to buy a domain for my website, and make the url link more user friendly.

so to visit my website you will only have to type:

With more university related work, I have decided while working on the commission to carry on modelling the character. 

so here is the progress: 

Legs and Feet


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