Tuesday, 30 October 2012

New Adventure!

For quite sometime I have been planning with Ivana, a life changing moment. Therefore, We decided to change airs and embark in an adventure. Unlike Carl Fredricksen, we didn't go to Paradise Falls, but we have moved to Portugal. It was a mutual decision in order to slow-down our rather frenetic life in Britain.


For this 

With a few job interviews on my way for a 3D generalist position, I'm hoping for life to go smoothly on this life changing opportunity. But Ivana will also look to work on her own area, Illustration.

The first few days were great to see family, rethink this life choice, now with my things arriving tomorrow shipped from Britain, and the first job Interview next Monday, I'm more than ready to face the destiny.

Meanwhile, all my works in 3D are in a stand by mode, because all my hardware and software are still not here with me. But as soon as I receive my computer, I will enlight you on a very interesting project I'm working on.

Any more news I will post on here.

I leave you with a photo of a place I visited yesterday, Quinta da Regaleira, a magical place not far from my house, which you can explore all day. It has beautiful gardens, a palace and a few caves. A concept artist Playground, enjoy!

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tutorphil said...

Hey Rubes,

Best of luck with the move - I'm sure you'll be much more content back in the ancestral home! Exciting times - let me know how things pan out - and feel free to drop me a line anytime :)

Pixipui said...

That sounds pretty exciting Ruben! I wish you luck with your journey, I'm sure the change of scenery will be great for your creativity too~

Ruben Martins said...

Thank you, I will keep you all updated.