Monday, 27 May 2013

Mixamo Contest: The Adventurer

While my king character is progressing through sculpting stages, I decided on take a whole new challenge, a big one this time. I finally started to participate on a competition at the Poly count community forum.  Intimidating!!

The brief for the contest consist in design and model a character, then take it onto Mixamo auto-rig software and use a preset animation.

The Brief:  
In the early 19th century a mysterious book, the Voynich Manuscript, made its world debut. Written in an unknown language the secrets within are still debated to this day. Every generation has had its adventurers take hints from the Manuscript’s broken ciphers and cryptic images. From the high mountains of the Himalayas, to the lost jungles of the Amazon, from cities of gold, to buried underworlds, those brave enough to call themselves adventurers must be ready for the challenges the book alludes to. Help us discover the great adventures of the past century and the world’s most mysterious book.


Starting from the beginning of the 19th century up to modern day, create an adventurer to seek out the treasure of the Voynich Manuscript. Will it be a 19th century scholar from England, or perhaps a German code breaker from World War One? A Chinese medicine man or a hired thug for the Railroad barons of the expanding United States? Will it be a modern day billionaire, searching for thrills, or the descendant of Voynich himself? Use the greatest adventure stories you can think of as your inspiration and create your ideal hero!

Source: Polycount Forum

Being comedic on my character designs, I decided to add a twist my version of the adventurer and I came up with this.

Character: Horace Bennett

Age 59

Setting: 19th Century, London England.

"Horace Bennett , an Englishman enlighten by the discipline of the plants, is a renowned name in the botanical world, primarily due to his discoveries of new species of plants.
Being very intellectual, when he heard of the the “Voynich Manuscript“, he automatically knew it hid information about his beloved plants, maybe a healing plant, maybe a poisonous one or maybe a very rare species.
After many sleepless nights attempting to decipher the manuscript as he expected, it provided him with information about a very rare species of plant only to be found at the very center of the amazon Jungle, South America.
Being a botanist and not an adventurer, he thought to hire a expedition, however as the thought was formed it was immediately discarded, after realising the lack of coin on his pockets, all spent on whiskey which served as a company horrendous nights being puzzled by the manuscript.
Now his only choice was to grab his botanical kit, disembark in Brazil and venture alone to the heart of the dangerous Amazon Jungle in search of this rare species of plants, which could make him some serious gold."

here is where it all starts.



Anne M.R. Pedersen said...

The silhouettes are so charming!
I can see the differences in their personality! :-)

Ruben Martins said...

Thank you Anne,

I will post some progress on this character.

tutorphil said...

charming, Rubes! :)

Ruben Martins said...

thank you, Phil!