Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Life Drawing: Session 1

Yesterday, we had our first life drawing session, since i had life drawing before it was easier for me to overcome the aspect of restricted type of drawings and go for a more freedom apporach. Even though I'm not fully sastified with the first 2 drawings.

10 mins.
10 mins.

I found that I drew in a restrained way not letting the lines free and embrace what i was seeing, but was good for the 1st drawings in a 10 mins pose.

After those 2 poses we were advised to look for the lines that interact the human body, e.g. the difference between the shoulders and the hips, etc. so we had 2 exercises using a cubist way to draw the figure, which in my opinion gave me a freedom with the pencil respecting the proportions of the human body, this exercise helped me to explore the angles of different positions of the human body. Very interesting!!

30 mins.

35 mins.


Hades said...

these drawings are really good i like especially the last two. :)

tutorphil said...

Likewise - I especially like the last drawing - full of energy and 'crackle'!

Ruben Alexandre said...

Thank you! i agree, i like the last two, i think what happened on the first 2 is that i could draw right proportion but that was that still restrain to draw more freely...