Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Self Portrait: First Ideas

At last, I was able to spend some time on my blog and share my first ideas towards the Self Portrait Project.
Also i did some rough sketches to to better visualise my ideas.

1st idea (top left): it would be me in a profile position where i would have all my body blured apart from my arm where i would a pen and written in my arm I would have some of my character aspects.

2nd idea (top right): it would be influenced by Edvard Munch Portrait where the background would be black and my face would be shown rising from the darkness as an element of shyness also coming from the dark i would have my arm with a pen on my hand, all this scenario would be covered with glass effect and with my figerprints on it.

3rd idea (bottom left): I would be in a position facing backwards to the spectator in meaning of myst and i would some cartoons crawling out of my mind showing a different world where sometimes i am.

I did like some of the elements in some of the ideas so i tried to combine some of them and come up with the final idea.

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