Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Atom Pancakes Project-Final Chapter- Progress

Last week, the task was primarily model the character and lay out its Uvs, with that finished my task for the past week was to model the character props, a set of props that will be  close and parented to the character, and that going to be animated.

Although I may post some repetitions this are the props i have been working on.

Butler's Tie Bow

Butler's Tray

Magnifying Glass

Chef's Rolling Pin with Breakable Rigged Extra

Burnt Moustache

Chef's Hat


On this prop I have also created a video showing the whole system of the string working, as we move the monocle glass the string will follow. 


tutorphil said...

you're a magician, Ruben! :)

Ruben Martins said...

i will take that as a compliment ! :)

also phil, I need to have a meeting with you next week on tuesday if possible. It is not about the project is personal