Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Education Life Over, Professional Life Begins!

With 2 weeks ago, being the last day of university, my education life which lasted 16 years is finally over, only with the graduation to take place in a month's time. However, the hardest part begins now trying to get a job in the industry. For this same purpose, I took this first week of "holidays" to revamp myself professionally.


As you can see this blog now changed having a brighter template which connects my characters to the way I want to showcase them, i have also took most of the clutter and kept it simple straight to its only purpose, track my progress through the upcoming projects.
The banner is changed and updated information was added.


The website suffered a major revamp, mainly the template and the colours were the main change, however the sitemap also changed and the works are now focused in what I want to do. to create consistency within the website, I have also created customized buttons which will help the viewer navigate throughout the website. The idea behind this new design is to keep it simple and yet appealing.

Business Card

The business card was another item which suffered a major change, firstly I updated the design and colours. but I have also updated the information and added new information. The main new setting is the QR code which helps anybody who has access to my business connect to my website via a smartphone.

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