Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Week at New Designers!

From tomorrow onwards, I will be exhibiting my animations at the New Designers show. So let's get ready for busy times, heat and little sleep for one last week! but it is all worth, they say. If any of you that follow my blog is going to the show, take a look at our stand, at the media section. and you will see mine and my peers work, but also spin some zoetropes, and see some characters come to life.

At the show I'm showcasing 2 animations, Le Patissier and the collaborative project .The Final Chapter

Project: Le Patissier

Directed by: 
Ruben Martins

"A patisserie shop in the heart of Paris is home to one of the most talented patissiers in the whole France. The patissier is recognized by his exceptional set of skills in making and decorating wedding cakes. having a new cake on order, this animation will follow the patissier decorating one of the most beautiful wedding cakes he ever created."


Project: The Final Chapter

Directed by:
Atom Pancakes (as Ruben Martins)

"The story follows our crime writer, Arthur Winters, as he attempts to write the ending of his book. As he thinks through possible ideas, things begin to go wrong around him. While having these ideas, Winters enters his dream space and starts to act like the suspects. When he finally realises an idea that works, he burst into motion to finish his book, however the simplest of the tasks is not so simple after all."

Also I have created my 1st showreel focusing on my characters, hope you like it!

and see you there!

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