Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Sunny days, busy days

Hello guys,

Things are pretty busy here, trying to get the creative juices flowing and being pro-active nonetheless... I will update you in a few things in my life.

Unlikely other countries in Europe, Portugal is snow free... yay!! ohh and it is carnival so nothing better to dress up as your favourite character.

a weather like this calls for creativity.

So I carried on sculpting the beautician character.


The re-topology was done so this is getting closer to the final sculpture but with no clothes. I am using this character as a means of improving my modelling skills.

Meanwhile, things have been cooking at Atom Pancakes, and we are happy to inform that we are pre-producing a new short animation. Things have been quite over the studio's blog, but I will update you when new work surfaces, featuring some of my designs.

I had finally the guts to enter CG Society's forum and ready to get some feedback, I have also entered a mini-challenge to start things up.

 Here is the thread:

HCR Modeling # 37: Femme Fatale- Catherine Zeta-Jones as Marshal Jed Cooper

In terms of freelance work things are going well, but not able to post it here. 

Also while learning sculpture, I found very helpful to learn anatomy, to improve my character work and sculptures. I will post here the sketchbooks thus far.

Finally I would like to say, blogger for me has been a great platform to share my work however I have moved to use facebook, because it fast way to share stuff. So if you want to follow me on facebook, you can either befriend me, or like my page at

Until next time.

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