Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A quick update on my Sketchbook and Zbrush

Just dumping a few pictures on sculpting the beautician. The character is serving as a tutorial to learn sculpting in zbrush.

Tackling the face...

Before & After.

Also, I have been improving my anatomy knowledge by drawing and drawing the head and body. 

 Finally 2 illustrations I haven't posted, I was tempting to do more character sketches so i came up with a Old Zorro and Cesar "The Dog Whisperer" Milan.

Now I'm flooded with freelance work... and... Atom Pancakes.

Until next time!! 


tutorphil said...

Hey Rubes :)

I got your email - sorry I haven't replied - I will - but I'm having a domestic broadband drought and my access is intermittent at best - but I'm very much looking forward to see the results of all this under-wraps Atom Pancakes stuff - and as per, it's always a thrill to see new work from you. This can be a difficult time for talented people who are yet to find their first proper break, but keep the faith! :D

Ruben Martins said...

Been busy lately, freelance projects... having .. deadlines approaching. a lot of sleepless nights ahead... I wont be here much...